Whew… It’s been a rush of life the past few days and coffee jolts the drag of sleep deprivation. With no Celtics or Sloan tonight, there’ll be an early ascent of the bedroom stairs for an accelerated descent to REM. 24 hours ago I shared a pre-Sloan table at Greek Corner in Cambridge with my pal Jeff, and our “dates,” Megan and Mallory. On the drive in I mentioned Sloan’s Monday night show in Chicago, to which Megan inquired, “what if they suck tonight?” I calmly explained, “Sloan doesn’t suck. Ever.” As soon as she agreed, I let my girl back in the car and we continued on our way.

Fifteen minutes from the 10:45 show time, Megan announced she didn’t have her ID for the 18+ show. After some tense moments, I handed her $40 and put her and Mal-pal in a cab to go get her ID in the car parked, yeah, fifteen minutes away. Jeff and I went into the club where I proceeded to buy us a drink, hand $20 to the bartender and walk away. No change. Idiot. The worrying father then sent a text to daughter instructing her to make sure she had the cabbie wait while she got her license. She quickly thumbed me back:

“Dad, you have my car key.”

I took a long swig of my Ketel and Red Bull as Jeff laughed at the farce.

Tick-tock, tick-tock… We were now at 11:00 and both the band and the girls were still missing… Well, actually the musicians were walking relatively anonymously through the venue. Finally they began shuffling on stage and around 11:05 launched into “I’m Not a Kid Anymore,” about fifteen seconds after Megan and Mallory somehow got into the club.

It wasn’t the best Sloan show I’ve ever seen, but the new material was great and I heard an old song for the first time that was killer, even with some fan they pulled from the audience singing it…

Happy 8th month Birthday, Maddy. Papi’s going to bed.