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Beyond Donkeys and Elephants

I am hoping Barack Obama really does advance bi-partisanship by appointing Republicans to his Cabinet. In fact, the plump prospect of Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel (R) as VP would be a huge step forward and would also sink the Republican’s “National Security” argument against Senator Obama and the McBush campaign with it.

How about someone from the Green Party for Secretary of the Interior? Then again, that may be too extreme. There’s got to be some balance between environmentalism and commerce, and I’m not schooled enough on the Green to tell you if they’re a compromising lot. You get my point though, right? Helping to promote minor political parties to our national discussion would broaden the debate for long-term solutions and strengthen our Union. For example, Ron Paul is really a Libertarian with an “R” next to his name, and he is dismissed as a crackpot by the Neocon right, but isn’t there a place in an Obama administration for this voice of reason?

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  1. Beachbabe

    Couldn’t agree more, but do not see it ever happening — his voice of reason simply makes too much sense!!

    Nice way of presenting your opinion!

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