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That New Girlfriend Smell

Occasionally I’ll catch a whiff of a woman’s perfume that squeezes me through a time-space wormhole back to a time and a place and a woman. It hasn’t happened lately, either because my sense of smell is gone or I simply don’t get close enough for the sense to operate.
Whatever. That’s just a cheesy intro to my new car smell post. Yep. I sent an offer to three dealerships of what I wanted to pay for a new “Carbon Gray” 2008 Acura TSX w/ Navigation and within 12 hours, one accepted. Pete Boudreau, Internet Sales Manager at Acura of Auburn was simply great to deal with. Last night I signed up for some serious debt and this morning plugged in my iPod and drove away very happy.

Sadly, the old girl didn’t go without a fight. I don’t mean to go “Christine” on this, but some odd things happened with my Volvo once I made the decision to trade up. A “check engine” light caused a failed emissions test and $1,196.20 since May couldn’t turn it off. On Sunday it went out by itself and didn’t come back on… This morning as I put the car in reverse to exit my garage for the last time, it wouldn’t move. It felt like something was blocking the car behind me, so I got out and went back to check if I left something back there while emptying the trunk. Nothing. I got back in and backed out. (Queue X-Files music…)

First impressions…

  • I really can’t drive 55 and spent a good deal of time in the left lane being careful about speeding.
  • The iPod sounds amazing plugged directly into the Audio system…
  • XM Radio (trial) is a great way to experience new music. A Lewis Black sketch on the Comedy station was cool.
  • A navigation system is a cool new toy, but I always found my way without one. Still, if you’re in a strange place, you push “Go Home” and follow the breadcrumbs.

On the downside, I’ve been unable to successfully pair the “LeoTreo” with the female voiced Bluetooth system… On a certain level, that makes perfect sense.

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  1. Anonymous

    Honestly, I’ve been trying to read your blog for 20 minutes now and I can’t focus. I need glasses. I refuse. Not only will I be a mother, I’ll be a mother with nerdy glasses. I’m getting old =(

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