Well, Manny is in a Fed-Ex overnight box to Chavez Ravine, aka, the Island of Malcontent Sox. Four years ago to the day, No-More Garciaparra was shipped West after a classic, extra-inning Sox-Yanks game in the Bronx where Derek Jeter made a 12th inning grab of immortality while Nomie caught some pine. Ironically, Manny’s sit-in last Friday during a 1-0 loss to the Pinstripes was his last, uh, sit with the Sox.

In 2004, the Sox went on to win it all and it remains to be seen if ridding the ballclub of the “Manny being Manny” malaise will yield another World Championship. For sure, a distracted Sox have been awful lately and Manny has been the side show freak.

Thanks for the memories.