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The Fear of Words

Infinite words are poised at a bottleneck looking for a way out, but haven’t yet found their way. A few trickle…

Fuck Your Fear
I took some acting classes after college. I recall the spotlight fright when I did that monologue from “All My Sons” in front of humans. It turned out fine. The fear was unwarranted. It usually is. There’s a book on improvisation by Mick Napier called, Improvise – Scene from the inside out . One theme says fear causes actors to “freeze, or stick to safe-but-boring actions and scenes.” Napier tells the reader to fuck our fear. Do something. Anything. Even if it’s wrong, and see where it leads you.

Highway to Hell
Looks like I won’t be buying any AC/DC. Not that I’ve actually bought a record of theirs since “Back in Black,” but Walmart sucks and won’t be getting quid from me.

America’s Outrageous War Economy!
Eisenhower warned us, but the Bush administration has pushed the evil of the “military-industrial complex” to new depths. Read Paul B. Farrell’s piece on Marketwatch.com to get a sense of what it’s costing your children and grandchildren.

There are places in the desert where the sun and wind work tirelessly like a potter’s wheel and oven and no one notices. They are vistas of stunning natural art, but nobody’s looking.

Speaking of stunning, natural art, mother and child is always a good theme…


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    My girl is so cute.

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