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The Bathroom Brush By

It happens every weekday in corporate America with déj? vu-like time precision. As focus shifts silently from intellectual (probably too strong a word) to biological, the office is exited, GPS* kicks in, and a biological mission commences. It’s an efficient, repeatable process, a um, flowchart if you will… Head down. Determined. Like a subway car on rails. No turns allowed.

This unconscious route execution allows the conscious mind to continue jumbling things like a rat bouncing on a circular treadmill after succumbing to exhaustion.

Occasionally, an interruption delays the void, often just as the “swing open bathroom door” task is about to be executed. This process deviation is startling and causes the screeching brakes of the subway car to engage, cratering cranial operations to near shutdown. It is at this point when visual systems connect and sort of a whispered, barely audible, “scuse me…” trails off to silence and visual connection trickles to a stop. The Bathroom Brush By is a strange ritual and impacts almost every traveling unit the same way. The phenomena is a combination of the system drain and a, “I know what you were just doing and you know what I’m about to do and that’s really more than either of us can handle right now” kinda thing.

Do you experience the Bathroom Brush By?

* Global Peeing System

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  1. Joseph

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