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Mr. Glass Half-Full

I’m not crazy about heights, in fact terrified would nail it, yet staring down on a life fifty years in the making is serene. Sure, it’s strewn with a few big rocks and some regrets, but there’s beauty down there too. Today marks my fiftieth anniversary of October twentieth, and Saturday we celebrated Madison’s first. She’s actually was the BIG ONE yesterday, but really, she didn’t know. In fact, I selfishly believe her 10 minutes on the porch wrapped in a blanket with her Papi, were her best of the day. Inside was the din of 25 people talking at once. Outside was fresh air, peaking colors and quiet love. Maddy cried when I moved toward the door, but there were presents to open and chocolate cake to smear in her silky blonde hair.

Madison’s mom is semi-smooth diamond formed over nearly 20 of my years. I am so proud of the mother she is. About this time last year priorities proposed were a new baby and continuing education. Megan is a natural with Maddy and she’s enjoying and excelling in school. For extra credit she’s a wonderful, pain in the ass sister to Kyle and a loving “Mom” to her niece MacKenzie. I’m pretty demanding on my girl, but she’s one jewel I want to see sparkle at full potential. Since she’s got the whole, smart, funny and beautiful thing going on, my Megan should have a shining life.

Speaking of shine, no one I know radiates love like Mr. Kyle Daley. I know a “song in his heart” is trite cliché, but anyone who knows Kyle realizes “his heart will go on” because of the love and songs in it. To see Kyle doting on his 87 year old grandmother or baby Maddy is to see the actions of a young man who makes the world a better place. Kyle’s also a pretty funny guy with a sense for comedy and timing. He also does some great impressions of his favorite movie characters. Actor, singer, comic… Kyle does it all.

Today I’ll begin the end of the work that has consumed much of my favorite month. It’s been a rewarding effort, and I know there are people who truly appreciate it. In times like these, coaxing a smile or laugh from a concerned face is more satisfying than ever. I guess that’s the gift of my life. Like Megan, I think I have my priorities in order, but like Kyle, I live a life with a soundtrack and always look for the one liner that might shine a little light. Yep. I’m just “Mr. Glass Half-Full.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Anyone that knows you would appreciate the sentiment of my normal greeting to you, “Hey, Sunshine”. I have only known you for the past 5 yrs, but it has been a life lesson on many levels, watching you evolve with the changes/challenges you are faced with. You always get the best rewards: Megan, Kyle, Madison…Happy Birthday my friend.

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