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It’s a Small World After All…

Sorry if I just put that ditty back in your head. I know it’s tough to evict from the mind…
Counting tourists, there are over 1.7M people in Manhattan at any given time, and yesterday Kyle and his dad were approximately 1/10,000 percent of them.

The trip down Saturday morning had some classic Kyle moments. My boy has a wonderful sense of humor and great comic timing. A sampling:

Dad: “I can’t believe my boy is going to be 17…”
Kyle: “I know.”
Dad: “That’s old.”
Kyle: “No it isn’t, Dad!”
(About a 1.4375 second pause…)
Kyle: “50 is old.”

After about 2 hours of the “Mary Poppins” London soundtrack, I took control and played some Frank for the boy. I’m hoping some exposure to the Jersey boy will get Kyle interested in singing something besides Celine Dion songs… Anyway, after I joined Frank to belt out New York. New York, I asked Kyle what he thought. “You were good, but I didn’t like you.” “What? What kind of answer is that?” I playfully demanded.” ‘That’s what Simon said on “American Idol”’ came a smiling explanation from Kyle.

After slogging around square, wet blocks for a few hours, we taxied it to dinner at a very eclectic Italian place at 58th and 3rd. Imagine my surprise when I saw tripe, calves liver and sautéed sweetbreads on the menu with Mr. Olive Garden sitting across the table. We ended up with satisfactory meals and headed back out on the mean streets toward the Great White Way.

The after-dinner walk weather was dry and around 60 degrees, but a fog covered the city building tops like foam on a cappuccino. The Daley boys were strolling South on Park Avenue toward 52nd when we heard a female voice exclaim, “Hey guys!” We looked up to see the beaming face of Kyle’s Neurologist, Christie Stine and her husband. She happily explained, “this is the famous Kyle” from YouTube with Jaws. They were in town for the matinee at the Met and were also walking off dinner. It was great to see her, but we had to come clean and tell her all the “Harry Potter” dragons she sent Kyle for Christmas last year now reside in Jaws mouth. We chatted for a good 15 minutes and then were off to the Winter Garden Theatre.

The rest of our walk was pretty quiet. I was thinking about how Dr. Christie and Dr. Maddy (Martin) had saved my son. Maybe Kyle was thinking about that too…

“It’s a world of laughter
A world of tears
It’s a world of hopes
And a world of fears
There’s so much that we share
That it’s time we’re aware
It’s a small world after all”

Written by: Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman

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  1. Anonymous

    Reminds me of the time I was at a John Hiatt show and at the break decided on a glass of champagne after the Dad in front of me order one for himself and one bag of M&M;’s for his son. -Mary

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