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Writing life

Saturday is Megan’s 20th birthday. “It’s so depressing,” she says. Um, see me in 30, my girl… February 28th is also the 4th anniversary of this blog and I’m contemplating whether there’ll be a 5th. My blog stats have been sliding like Citi’s stock price and I’m wondering whether to go pouring good words on top of bad. I love writing, but maybe I should put my efforts into the great American novel instead… or writing jokes… or a business… or something non-virtual.

“I was writing my life instead of living it.”
– Soul Searching Thomas Merton


  1. Anonymous

    Wow that’s like reading about a friend’s divorce – no more passion.

    You write for stats? Didn’t it use to be ‘I write for myself’ ?

  2. fifteenkey

    “Stats” – The number of my posts. Nothing more.

  3. Anonymous

    Ok – but still the same question.

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