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March 19, 2009 – Megan and I tried to convince Kyle to do some of his “Heath Ledger as the Joker” impressions before launching into his masculine rendition of “My Heart Will Go On,” but he would have none of it. In this first clip, my boy perseveres after the background song and mike go out on him mid-tune… Other kids might have wilted, but Kyle never chokes when he’s got a mike in his hand and an adoring crowd to perform for…

After hosing off some overheating equipment and the rabid fans during intermission, “old brown eyes” came out for an encore.


  1. Anonymous

    a cappella with the crowd singing along – how awesome is that !

    You rock! Kyle

  2. Anonymous

    Mick Jagger used to be my favorite now its definetly Kyle Daley. Kyle you do rock. Love ya

  3. jmaroney

    What a great moment for Kyle and for his proud Dad and sister. Also, what a great school environment that must be for him. The crowd singalong got my waterworks going.

  4. Georgia Klug

    That was wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Kyle has grown to be a very talented good looking guy…like his father.

  5. Hut234

    Man, that’s precious! AWESOME, KYLE!!! Awesome!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Great talent and voice Kyle! Keep making your family proud! You DEFINITELY ROCK!!!

  7. Barb V

    Kyle, first I must tell you that your costume/styling is impeccable…:)

    I am so proud of you! Great, great job! Love you!

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