The glass of a shattered automobile window is a beautiful greenish pattern of little cubes, all glittering like unique ice crystals. Those on and around my cars rear window were enhanced by the light spring rain falling. Inside the drivers side rear pane once sat my laptop computer, but it apparently was fed up with my abuse and jumped through the glass in a desperate run at freedom while I dined with some work friends at a local Naked Fish.

I slept soundly last night in spite of a 45 minute drive home accompanied by the loud slapping of a plastic bag enduring 60 mile per hour winds and a fear that my laptop would use it’s knowledge to take me down. After all, it knows all my internet log ins to banks and brokerages. I was pretty dazed when I got home, but made the required calls to shut off account access. Well, I tried. Shutting off a credit card is doable 24/7, but without your logins and passwords, disabling web access is a challenge.

Anyway, with the help of and an external backup, I was able to retrieve my login data, access my accounts and change my passwords. I also shut off my credit card. Replacing all the files I’ve worked on recently won’t be so easy. Most of the important ones can be found attached to emails, but many are gone forever, including pictures and videos not uploaded to YouTube. It will be kinda like putting that window back together.