I love the solitude of being in a flying tube with 200 of my closest friends crying, squirming and of course hacking Swine flu spray into the encapsulated atmosphere. A very cool thing on JetBlue are the little TV’s at every seat. I’ve got the LeoPod on shuffle, but that’s not stopping me from occasionally looking up for a little Maddy moment of “Dora” and “Boots” on Nick.

Real time shuffle report!

  • Waiting for the Slow Songs – Sloan
  • The Drinking Side – Lonesome Brothers
  • Houses of the Holy – Zep
  • When Doves Cry – Prince
  • Daniel – EJ
  • The Rover – Zep
  • You Wreck Me – Tom Petty
  • Mr. Undertaker – Angry Johnny & the Killbillies
  • Wave that Flag – Bottle Rockets
  • Elliott Smith – The Biggest Lie
  • Adagio Divertimento, K.297 – Capella Istropolitana – Mozart Effect for Children
  • Fuck & Fight – Varnaline
  • Backstreets – Bruce
  • Walken – Wilco
  • Dear John – Ryan Adams and the Cardinals
  • Alive – Pearl Jam

This flight will hopefully deposit me in Long Beach, Cal-ee-foh-nee-ah for the annual APA Conference. Actually, it would be cool if we ended up in Seattle where my pal Dave is for business and the APA isn’t. Not that there’s anything wrong with the APA… We see a ton of our customers at the show and it’s always cool to get their unvarnished views. Given the seismic activity Sunday and yesterday, I am a bit concerned about experiencing my first earthquake. There was actually a “big one” centered in Long Beach back in 1933, and while I dig a good sequel, I’d rather miss this one. I’ve not yet done the “what bands are in town” research, so maybe I’ll get lucky. I did rent a car for Friday and will head up to Wilshire Boulevard for a visit to the LA County Museum of Art once the conference ends at noon. That’ll help me kill the 8:55 before my red-eye leaves for home.