There are no children or grandchildren here this morning, so I’m breaking the silence with some key-pecking of random, um, stuff.

  • Why is Liz Cheney given a public broadcast forum to reiterate and spin the old man’s lies?
  • After seeing Carolina beat a good Bruins team and then broomed by the storm-resistant Penguins, the Detroit Red Wings must be one great hockey team.
  • An old, dear friend is in town over the weekend. Last night we shared a laugh over a description of “the old days.” “When I could, I did.”
  • Longish drives alone usually involve an album selection from the iPod. As I meandered last night I wondered, “What didn’t Reprise Records hear when Wilco delivered “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot?”
  • Losing a few pounds is wonderful refreshment to ones state of mind.
  • I know it’s an overused baseball cliché, but when he’s on, John Lester’s curveball is filthy.
  • Why have so many of my peers never ventured from the “classic rock” period of the 60’s and 70’s?
  • I don’t know if there’s a more beautiful sound than that of a young mother playing with their toddler during bath time. (The child’s, not the mother’s…)
  • Maybe it’s on kid radio, but Madison Olivia has joined the Copetas boys in the public performance of “Tinkle tinkle, little stah…”
  • I worked all through yesterday’s beautiful day and was really into it. Maybe the work is about more than health benefits for my family…
  • Boots” is a scary, bug-eyed monkey on “Dora the Explorer,” and I think he’s s drug dealer, but Maddy loves him.
  • Finally, I had a memorable dream this week that begs for interpretation. Working in my yard below a retaining wall, I looked up and saw a woman I knew a few years ago. She looked older, but was essentially the same blonde, graceful figure I remember, and she was looking unemotionally down at me from behind a trim black business suit. Before I could say anything, I had to spit out a mouthful of safety glass, the little bits that are created when a car window shatters. However, my projectile was smoothed, seemingly polished by years in an unyielding surf.