Those lyrics are stuck in my head, and since they’re not the title of a song, it’s a bit more challenging to find them on the interconnected network. Find them I did though and Mad Season’s “River of Deceit” was a 1995 song that once propelled me around the one mile odd oval at Fitchburg’s Coolidge Park. Anyway…

Other than obvious health benefits like reducing chances of heart disease, stroke (the bad kind), Type 2 diabetes and cancer, there are other bennies like:

  • Better nutrition for the family – I buy the food, so Megan, Kyle and Maddy are learning to love things like baked haddock, spinach salad with fresh roasted beets and goat cheese, mangoes, avocados, and sautéed beet greens. These fine foods have taken the place of corporate slop from giant agribusiness conglomerates.
  • Less money for giant agribusiness conglomerates – IBID
  • Less stress on fingers – It’s much easier to fasten pants when you’re not trying to hold back a glacier of fat.
  • Better visibility driving – I can see much better now that I’m not sunk six inches into the front seat of my car.
  • More roomy seats in coach – I appreciate that as I’ve lost weight, the airlines have increased seat size. Thanks Southwest!
  • Save money on clothes – Soon I’ll be able to wear all the clothes I grew out of. Sadly, they’re from the 80’s.
  • Less wear and tear on your mattress – Yep, with less crushing weight on your coils you’ll no longer feel like you’re sleeping in a foxhole. This benefit extends to anyone between you and your coils…
  • Once again, women are right – The boobs are the first to go!