Last night at the Lowell Spinners game, a $6 “Steak Tip Sub” delivered more beef than I grilled for my whole family the night before and surely more than this “Biggest Loser at Work” contender should have consumed. I mindlessly housed it and two carbonated adult beverages… Oh, and there were peanuts, but no Cracker Jacks. They’re bad for ya.

Guilt ridden and bearing down on the scale more this morning than in previous days, I had to step up. I’ve only had the stair machine in a place I could use it for less than a week and in the 3 sessions so far, I’ve progressed from 20 to 25 to a full 30 minutes this morning. I highly recommend it paired with reading. As muscles work and blood rushes, synapses explode with ideas as words hit them. Add to that the LeoPod and Wilco’s new record and it was a jumbled, exhilarating mess. I’m certain it looked and sounded ridiculous as I climbed and sang badly. I don’t care. It was a great start to the day, which now continues with breakfast with Maddy!