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I see blue links to dead people and whitey-tighties

Ritualistically nearly nightly I scan several news and social networking sites. Tonight one suggested I might know a dead guy. That got me wondering: what will happen to my blog and accounts like email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. when I die? I have no departure plans, but neither did the guy who passed away over a year ago. I also got a marketing letter from a local funeral home recently… I think it really sucks that in their database segmentation, I’m now a “warm lead.” Anyway, just as a precaution, everyone using sites like these should leave a list of the sites, logins and passwords that someone can access in case rigamortis limits your keyboarding. “Uh, Megan…”

Shifting to the living for a moment, is it proper public bathroom etiquette to lower ones trousers to mid-thigh level, exposing ones whitey-tighties whilst adjusting ones shirt-tails prior to the tuck-in? No, I didn’t think so either.


  1. Anonymous

    One of your funniest posts yet…at least paragraph 1. Paragraph 2 left me thinking you observed this in a restroom but didn't actually do it yourself, although if you did, wouldn't a stall be a proper location for that? Back to paragraph 1…I have wondered this myself many times as I, too, know of a deceased person who remains "alive and well" on LinkedIn. Better update the will…"and to Jeff I leave usernames and passwords to all of my online accounts…please cancel."

  2. fifteenkey

    Yes, I observed in horror this full-monty of white. Take it in the stall, pal! Hell, Larry Craig was arrested for a wide stance, but didn't have his pants to his knees!

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