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Going Back

It turns out we couldn’t get the tire repaired, but for $111.90, the fine folks at Toscalito Tire & Automotive in Novato, CA replaced it. If you ever happen to break down on an interstate near San Francisco, call Hertz for help but after an hour they don’t show so you change the thing yourself then have to replace it, I recommend Toscalito Tire.

It’s such an easy ride from the shiny city to the aging vines of Sonoma and Napa. Our first stop was Cornerstone Gardens, a place friend Barb and I visited and the site of the picture currently coloring this black blog. I badly wanted to recreate the shot with Kyle, but he wasn’t as agreeable as me as a photo model, so this was the best I could muster while Kyle bitched about it.

I can’t take a trip to Napa without visiting V. Sattui, and this tasting was the first I ever had to pay for. I went for the premium tasting while Kyle hung close, oddly more cooperative than he was at Cornerstone, and without any sedative of the grape. I picked up a couple bottles and gifted one last night to Michael, Maddy and Margaret Korn. I hadn’t seen them in a few years and had never met the adorable and gregarious Ms. Margaret. The last time I had been to their home (and it is a home) was for their wedding ten years ago. That day their back yard was glowing with tiki torches and the brightness of a wedding day. Last night it was our passage to Mike’s moms as we moved things for a yard sale today. The Korn’s are off to Hotlanta for Mike’s new job, and the other good news is they’re keeping their home here in the Sacramento area. I really feel the familiarity of “home” there and Kyle enjoyed himself fully, especially the rag-top ride with Mike to pick up dinner. Thanks to the Korn family. It was great to see them again.

It’s now 1:24PM and Kyle’s just got out of bed to take a shower. This is one of those days to get some rest for the second half of our journey. We haven’t yet eaten, but I snuck in a workout while Kyle watched some TV. My boy is way out of his home routine and he needs some down time, even if that means watching TV from his hotel at the Rancho Cordova Marriott (formerly Sheraton). He’s been great so far and I’ve not once heard, “When are we going to be there?” He’s enjoying the journey.

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  1. Anonymous

    If memory serves correct, the first of the art gardens we went through had a series of bird houses that inspired the photographer (me) to want the subject (you) to act "like a confused bird". This was followed by a series of glaring looks and eye rolling. You finally broke. The last photo in the gift shop, "become one with the sculpture", was your best of the day and had dozens of onlookers (you no longer cared who was looking). You were such a good sport, afterall. Tell Kyle I want to go back to that Titantic helm and recreate the "…I'll never let go" scene. I'll be the frozen Jack. Have fun and be safe. BV

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