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Like making sausage…

It’s said one should not look too closely at the legislative process of how our laws are made. That’s never been more true as the locusts of the health care lobby swarm to strip bare any threat to the profits of their clients, but I digress…

Another thing to avoid is web metrics. Recently I was digesting some Google Analytics for this space and discovered the #1 search term bringing people here is “leo daley sucks.” Hmmm… That got me thinking:

  • Is it me being searched?
  • Is is one person or many?
  • Do I in fact, suck?

I can’t definitively answer 1 or 2, but my opinion on #3 is “no,” I don’t suck. However, if you have come here 30 times in the last 30 days using this amusing route, please let us all know. I could be wrong!


  1. Anonymous

    Perhaps in this case “sucks” is being used as a term of endearment…

  2. Anonymous

    What makes you think you don't suck?

  3. fifteenkey

    Self-delusion, apparently.

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