Chicago was OK, but I really wasn’t in Chicago, but an Anyplace Airport Hotel because I never left it. Last night a buddy recruited me for a city Blues night, but the 2-3am return didn’t jive with an 8:30AM flight this morning, so I’d have to supply the Blues myself. I scanned the room of co-workers playing pool, playing Wii, eating, drinking, and in one case, belting a great karaoke version of “These Boots are Made for Walking” by Frank’s daughter. A couple Sales reps approached me to say they loved my writing (internal promotional Spam), but I wasn’t engaging. I wasn’t there. At 8:30 I took my Corona back to 822 and poured half of it down the sink. The conference was fine and my presentation went OK. I met some new people and put faces to lots of names. The high point was catching up with my friend Barb Tuesday night, but that was more me marveling at the display of affection toward her by many passersby. Yeah, she’s like the well loved mayor and had a big part in the success of the meeting. When she wasn’t kissing Kronies, we used the 30 second breaks to say words… It was cool.

Corona spilled and a 12 hour day wearing, I again listened to a song that’s been on my minds turntable since friend Jeff posted it days ago. I looked on YouTube for a video and found this amateur effort from a fan. I didn’t go out for the Blues, but got the Black.