Yesterday my Facebook update read, “Leo Daley needs to write something. Anything really. Help a guy out with a topic.” A few of my so-called “friends” responded, so let’s examine their submissions and determine their blog-worthiness:

  • Warren, obviously watching the green opener, asks, “how bout some Boston Celtics.”
    Well Warren, beating King James and some other guys on his home court is impressive, but I’m not inclined to write much into it.
  • Suzanne gets clever and inquires, “ummmm…what’s new in your life? : )”
    Well Suz, quite a bit actually, but I’m under an NDA and can’t write anything about it. Let’s just say if “life is a box of chocolates,” I got handed one spiked with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. I’m tweakin’, man.
  • Phil, the other business major in a house full of University of Arizona Engineering Grad students, tosses, “There was this time we drove 1000 miles to see The Stones. That was fun.”
    Yes it was, Phil, but I don’t remember much more then that. Oh, wait… It was 900 miles each way. Lisa chased us out of town and gave me beers. We had salad in Denver. We saw a kick-ass balloon show passing both ways through Albuquerque. You and I took about 3 hours finding a fuse for the car after the show, but had a great time looking. We saw a stupendous sky of stars while four of us peed in quadraphonic stereo on the side of the road somewhere in the New Mexico desert… Anything else? Yeah, my first Stones show rocked.
  • George from Orlando wonders, “sticking with the basketball theme, you could write about how there is no way the Celtics or the Cavs will be able to get past the Orlando Magic again this year in the playoffs.”
    George, George, George… Even though you literally live in a fantasy world where dreams come true (mostly for little girls), I’m afraid your lofty expectations may lead to a tragic, not magic season.
  • Louise went for the Daley double suggesting “Agile vs waterfall methodology” and, “even better, Why do hotels give you 8 pillows on a bed. 8? Really?”
    Hmmm… On the first request, I believe the Agile approach is more “real-world” and adapts to inevitable project change, while the first thing over the falls in a barrel in the latter methodology is the original project completion date. Your clever second suggestion demands to be answered with another question: “What stories do those pillows have to tell about what happened to them before you got to them?” I realize you travel a lot, so… sorry.
  • Keith, hopefully in jest asks, “How about some good lifecycle management topics that you’d like to see in a presentation at KronosWorks?”
    After reviewing about 15/20 session PowerPoints for the conference with varying degree of that theme, I must write what I hope the Yankees will be saying soon: “Wait till next year.”

Thanks kids!