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Early Thanks

[Written Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 4:40am]

There’s an Oscar Wilde quote about how life can’t be written; life can only be lived. After living through written fantasy of nearly 700 posts and four years, I’m just now understanding the truth of it. Lately I’ve had less to “get out” in key pecks because I’m living instead of longing and there’s less cathartic motive to document it. I’m repeating myself (early onset Alzheimer’s, I’m afraid) I’m repeating myself, but since that August vacation with my son Kyle, I’ve emerged with blinking and blurry eyes (I got glasses for that). I can see it in Megan and Kyle when they’re looking at me with those “who the f&%# is this guy” looks. My boss walks in my office and just laughs an eye roll exclaiming, “I can’t take this happy Leo.” Sorry, but if it helps, I’m just getting to know this clown myself. Remember, I was in the pod cryogenically frozen for some time and the reanimation process causes all sorts of issues including memory loss and uncontrollable shudders. Not to mention that shit was frickin’ freezing and well, you took Physiology or at least saw “Seinfeld” right?

It’s good to be back, but as the saying goes, behind every successful man is a group of very tolerant people who looked after me while I was away. I am thankful for:

Jeff: I’m glad, “hey wanna start a record label” resulted in a friendship with one of the finest people I know.

Dave: “You know Son Volt?” Yes, my friend. I do. While battling physical demons I hope I never meet, he was always there with a great ear, pomp and a smile.

Pete: This man told me he wanted my priorities to be, “family, personal development, and the work… in that order.” Then he lived up to it. Plus, he got me to my first Bruce show. His laugh is like paddles to a still heart.

Barb: This particular dark (Yankee fan) angel descended and taught me how people should be treated… that is with mutual respect. She has lifetime visitation rights with my children and grandchildren.

Joyce: I inherited her as a new boss and the chemistry was instantaneous on a September 11th afternoon. For work to be fun is incredible good fortune, and following Pete and Barb, she’s maintaining the tradition.

Mike: Watching that reality show in Anthem, Arizona helped me learn how to live. May all the good Karma of the Navajo commandments flow through you, my friend.

Kyle: “The boy who lived” gives me a bottomless well of reasons to want to. He shines a light on every life he touches, none more than mine.

Megan: Speaking of wells, one made of tears is forming behind hazel eyes. My girl is my friend. She has (I hate cliché’s but…) the heart of a lion and I could not be more proud of the young woman she’s become.

Madison: Sure, maybe it’s the acid, but I’m reliving the early years of Megan’s life with this child. Smart, funny and beautiful, just like her mom.

I’m on a plane headed to Vegas and the LeoPod is speaking to me once again… I should add that everyone on this list has filled me with life sustaining music.

“It ain’t too late to take a deep breath and throw yourself into it with everything you’ve got. It’s great to be alive.” – World of Hurt by the Drive By Truckers

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  1. Anonymous

    Now we are all looking for a new slightly-evil person to try to help and befriend. We might need to pull you into the final interviews once we narrow it down to two or three candidates.

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