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Music that matters to me – Part 2 (“If It Feels Good, Do It” by Sloan)

Songwriting is a huge part of my musical experience, but it’s not all about the words. Recently I wrote to a friend, “if that were the case, I’d just read poetry.” Sometimes it’s about chords coursing through you like lightning shot down every microscopic capillary, thumping bass and the riveting rapid fire on a drum kit. Sometimes it’s just about fun. Put all of that together with clever songcraft and playful enthusiasm and you have Sloan. I don’t even remember when, but probably around 2002 or 2003 Jeff dropped a homemade Sloan compilation on me. That burned gold CD had more hooks than a Nova Scotian’s tackle box and snared me by the upper lip and yanked me out of the deep end of the ironic “No Depression” ocean. I’ve been flopping to Sloan ever since and will again on December 3rd.

“This song is dedicated to you. Cuz’ this song is
for people who know what rock n’ roll is about!”

[Facebook friends go here for the wicked cool Sloan video…]

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  1. Anonymous

    "A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence." — Leopold Stokowski

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