Thursday I took a vacation and it was like a lifetime in an afternoon. “It’s December 3rd!” was met with a bright smile and shimmering eyes as we practically skipped like children on the buoyancy of rising mercury in the 60’s. A Christmas tree lighting and some Newbury Street window shopping was on our back of a napkin agenda, and passing the Boston Common ice rink somehow conjured up discussion of how truly lucky we are. After passing Manny’s old pad, we were there, hips and knees still intact after sampling a couple miles of Boston topology. Though considerably younger than me, my date was pretty, but parched, so we settled onto a couple resting stools and sipped liquids from “V” shaped glasses. After eyeing a block of cheddar “the size of a car battery1.,” Joyce was all smiles as she scarfed (daintily, of course) and made cheese jokes. After the refueling, we searched for sacks in Saks. The sheer volume of shoes and handbags for women approaches incomprehensible, but I hung in and took note of likes and dislikes… I also envisioned Megan’s eyes bugging out if she were witness to this “Sex and the City” display of chick chic. After being pulled back from the ledge of a post “V” shaped drinks impulse buy, I did get a card from one young retailer for future consideration. “Thanks, man. What’s your name?” “Kyle.” Of course it is…

Cabbing over to the North End with my Italian guide, the driver asked where we were from. “Iowa.” I have no idea why I responded with a major corn producer, other than to give context to the “we don’t have stores like that where we come from.” Dinner was unexceptional except for the Hopper-esque ambiance and my wonderful view. After skipping dessert, and having not yet hit our stepping quota, we left and righted, dodged traffic, passed through a blue time tunnel, and finally caught view of the flying saucer that would beam us safely home.

We never did see the tree lighting, but our hearts got lit up pretty good anyway.

1. Shameless “Seinfeld” reference from “The Foundation.”