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Too Much Ain’t Enough…

Yeah, I go to the lyrics and song titles well often, but fortunately (or not) I’ll dry up before it does. Anyway, who can tell me that song’s writer without a search?

Vacationing today in sunny and brisk (-7o) Central Massachusetts, my personal orgy of consumerism will wind down with a few “small things” for loved ones. Through this debiting process, there’s been a little internal meter in my head calculating “too much” v. “ain’t enough” for my non-naughty list. Actually, I’m certain my A list will be very appreciative of my efforts. If “the thought” is really what counts, they can be assured I’ve over thought many of these contributions to the EBITA of “stuff” producers.

Chatting with friends, there seems an understanding that the “stuff” isn’t important, yet every year we bury ourselves in it for a fleeting feeling that lingers less than a January 1 hangover.

[I just edited out a passage that got really dark to go in a different direction.]

I’ll put the sources, marketing and profit of the “stuff” aside for now, to focus on the “why we do it.” For many, gifts are simply a tangible expression of the living and loving things we do all year. When we comfort a cry… hold… listen… caress… wipe away tears… understand… laugh… love… those are the soulful human expressions represented in a gift. “Here, I hope you like this Xbox of love.” Well, there’s probably no soul in that re-gifted fruitcake you’re contemplating, but you get the idea…

Oh, I see UPS is here delivering more tangible human expressions…

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  1. MJ Burke

    It isn't the stuff…its the people…and you, sir, are quite blessed with a lovely group of people to get stuff for…Merry Christmas to all the Daleys…and a special shout out to the boy with the magic wand…I hope your Christmas is as magical as you are Kyle.

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