2008 lacked a Fifteenkey “best of” list, and I like lists, so let’s compare where I was v. where I am…

Category 2007 2009
Digital Download Wilco’s Sky “Blue Sky” Built to Spill “There Is No Enemy”
Day October 19th November 10th
Musical The surprisingly wonderful White Christmas” at Boston’s Wang Center “Wicked” was…
Walk 10 blocks straight down Broadway with Kyle Up 2 brick steps
Meeting Quote “I’m not doing math in my head right now.” “I didn’t get much sleep last night.”
Toy Nikon D40 DSLR Blu-Ray player
Book “Moneyball” “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” CD during vacation.
Job (Tie) New doorway to the basement and landscaping makeover Changing a tire on a 6 lane highway outside SF.
Business Trip Cleveland including a ballgame at the Jake. Marketing meeting in Newport, RI
Concert Wilco with Megan and Madison Kyle singing Karaoke at the Roadrunner in Anthem, AZ
Gift Given Tickets to “Mary Poppins” on Broadway for Kyle’s birthday. Donation to the Special Olympics
Gift Received (New)
A second chance
Documentary I added this category because Sicko” got nosed out for best movie “Jerusalem: Center of the World” on PBS
Moment Kyle standing to walk and hug and kiss Megan Caring for a sick friend.
Movie Knocked Up, seen with Megan while she was… uh… Tie – “Julie & Julia” & “Star Trek”
Doctor (Tie) Christie Stine and Madelena Martin No, really. They’re the best evah.
eVendor (New)