“Jane, you ignorant slut.” Sorry, but the post title just brought me back… It also reminds me of the 1978 Stones appearance on SNL when they kinda sucked playing “Some Girls” material and drove commentary like, “I like the old Stones.” Anyway…

Currently “Kiss the Girl,” a big musical number from 1989’s “The Little Mermaid” is featured on the HDTV. The reason I bring this up is that in spite of her impressive shells, Ariel doesn’t really do it for me in the animated female realm. Yeah, Jessica Rabbit seems drawn for men by men, but for me, Pocahontas is still Number 1 with a bullet. I have to say though, this weekend I was impressed with the CGI hotness of Avatar’s Neytiri… Yes, I’m thinking and writing about animated female characters. What can I say, it was a long weekend.

I also received a few compliments on my writing this weekend, which is always nice to hear, or in this case, read. “I love your blog” was one, followed by an odd comment, since it was left today on a 2007 post: “Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!” Personally, I was hoping for some positive reinforcement for my recent line, “Hearing a woman moan or scream “Oh, God” repeatedly in a Meg Ryan sequence isn’t a reason to believe, but it is solid word of mouth advertising.” I thought it was pretty funny.

In my non-virtual world, today featured a visit from daughter Jessica, her fiancé Jack, plus grandchildren Mackenzie, 8, and Cameron, 10 months. It was nice to see them. Jessica seems to be doing a good job with them, and Jack, I learned, just received a 4.0 in school with perfect attendance. He’s a gentle soul, and his resemblance to my father’s late brother blew my freakin’ mind. I have to get some pictures from my dad of my uncle in his early 20’s. Based on my recollection, Jack is a damn avatar of my uncle as a kid. Man…

Finally, I’ve been battling 1’s and 0’s in the form of two database tables this weekend. Here’s a tech tip: Access lacks the ROUNDUP of Excel and that really bummed me out.

Oh, two more things… I don’t know where the hell the Patriots were, but there was a playoff game today in Foxborough and only the Baltimore Ravens showed up. The dismal effort, coupled with a comatose post game Bill Belichick press conference lead me to believe there are serious morale problems on that team and the off-season will bring significant changes, including in the management ranks.

Ah, never mind the second thing.