“Life is a journey through time, and happiness
happens when we travel it together.”

– Professor Daniel Gilbert, host of “This Emotional Life.”

I caught that little gem as another episode of PBS’s “This Emotional Life” was winding down last night. It’s so true for many of us, but not always easy to engage depending on the cosmic plane we happen to exist at any given moment…

My cosmic plane at the moment resembles this groovy baby and any regular contributor or lurker of this space knows how I landed it… Arizona… Mayor of Anthem… People…

Speaking of emotion, I nearly experienced the splashy version last night after speaking with my Dad. It was the strangest and best phone call we’ve ever had and he made it. My usually stoic father was engaging, joking and happy. I asked if he had new meds… “No.” “Smoking pot?” “Well, I smoked some last week…” (followed by laughter) “You got a new blue-haired girlfriend?” (Dad laughing) “You son of a bitch…” It was so cool. The call lacked the usual update on sugar levels, water pills and cataracts, and instead focused on his experiences with friends… “Dickie Greene was raving about how I hit ‘em today!”

The old man was on a roll and peppered me with inquiries about my brothers, mother, Maddy, Megan, Kyle and Joyce… WTF? Who is this guy? Just for a day anyway, it seems this guy Dad is a happy human. Experiencing that moved my cosmic emotional plane into even more rarified airspace.