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Touch Too Much

Driving to Tucson, Arizona was an annual August trek for Dillard and I back in the late 70’s. We had a medium-sized cassette tape case with a couple dozen rock assortments. One that got heavy, heavy airplay, especially on those long, hot, desolate and damn straight stretches was AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.” The album was released in the States by Atlantic Records, but it should have come out on Epic, because that’s what it is.

On Amazon.com, rock critic David Cantwell writes, “What Highway to Hell has that Back in Black doesn’t is Bon Scott…” That’s it. Bon Scott. Bon had a voice like an arc welder and it cut through the heavy metal coming out of the guitars brothers Angus and Malcolm were grinding. The record is amazing, and it kicked off several years of rock enjoyment, including a stint as “Air Bon” with the Gonnella boys air guitaring the roof off the old Dooley’s club in Tucson.

Now I wrote about that night, but did not provide any photographic evidence of the performance. Well, tonight… I’m not going to either. I know some snapshots of that first show exist (I think “Angus” may have them), but what I do have are a couple publicity photos from our second show with body art care of Kraker’s sister Nancy. Since I’m very guilty of using “stuff” I’ve found on Facebook in Powerpoint presentations and other public medium, it is risky to “out” these photos, but let’s face it, there’s a certain “attention whore” aspect to blogging, so obviously I just don’t care, but I hope Dillard will comment and explain the “Rocky Horror” makeup that I clearly passed on…

We had a freakin’ blast rocking out and had no, none, nada, zippo inhibitions being up on stage looking like idiots “air” rocking. We were totally into it and the crowd reactions told us it worked. The music drove us… along with the attention thing. Primal music like this…


  1. Anonymous

    Wow. I haven't read this thing in almost a year because I need your glasses :o) But that picture of you. OMG.

  2. Veronica

    Leo this is too funny! But wow did you guys have some guts!

  3. paula sorrentino

    you know I love to read your words… so glad to see them again!!!! we need those pictures!!!!

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