For some reason, tears of a clown appeared when I read this: “The mere fact that there is a world at all is so miraculous, so impossible to explain, that we should, in recognition and faith of that, be continually awestruck and joyful, in spite of any lacks we may feel in our daily lives.”

It was very odd that while Maddy napped next to me and Kyle auditioned for the lead in “Wicked” from his room downstairs, I was overwhelmed on Saturday afternoon reading that little passage in “Dr. Quantum’s Little Book Of Big Ideas: Where Science Meets Spirit,” by Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.

Why? Was it just a “Dude, we could be just a speck under my fingernail” stoner moment, or something else? Well, just think about how freakin’ heavy (not the gravitational suck “heavy”) it is that we’re here. I get the same wave of emotion at times when I look at my little granddaughter, Maddy. It’s never when she’s doing something special, it’s just when she’s being. Witnessing that little life in those simple moments is massively awe inspiring and sometimes overwhelming.

Give yourself a treat. Clear the clutter, focus for just a moment and take in the slightest bit of the beauty and love in your life. Think about the enormity that you and it exists. It feels good. Do it.