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Big Heart Son

I just don’t know where to go with this one.  You know how during some holiday years you debate who you can buy for? Immediate family or is it a good year to expand the circle to nieces & nephews?  Over the past few years, my 22 y/o nephew Ryan would always have something for his cousin Kyle. He’d ask his mom or my mother if they thought Kyle would like this “Harry Potter “figure or that “Star Wars” toy.  Of course Kyle was always thrilled, and to me Ryan’s thoughtfulness stood out in a world of self-absorbed teenagers who most often don’t see anything beyond their own needs.
Yesterday Kyle and I chatted about Ryan:
Me: “Do you want to talk about Ryan?”
Kyle: “Not really.”
Me: “Do you understand what happened?”
Kyle: “Yeah. Ryan died.”
Kyle: “But we still have Michael.”
Michael is impressing the heck out of me in the aftermath of losing his brother to the big hard world. He’s helping to keep the reeling family cars on the track. Wake and funeral still to go… I have so many conflicting feelings, but they seem very different than most everyone else in the family. Ryan’s gone and I’m concerned with the living…


  1. joyce

    A lovely tribute to all three young men whose hearts were/are in the right place and can perhaps teach some of the rest of us a thing or two about priorities…

  2. Ron

    Cry with conviction

  3. Megan Daley

    <3 Wtf. Life is crazy/beautiful.

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