Yes, lists are the lazy way out of actually writing something, but even though we’re not yet in the blog days of summer, it’s 74 degrees at 6:49AM and I’m… well, you’re getting a random list.
  • I keep thinking about him as if he simply messed up like getting fired or a DUI. “Ryan… man,” I think and begin to ponder the repercussions of the action on his life.  Then my eyelids slam and my head does a short, physical shake to the right when I again realize there’ll be no replacement job or re-issue of a license. My 22 year old nephew is gone for good.  His final outcome came with one, short strike of the snare drum, while the rest of us suffer the long vibrating reverb of a cymbal, smashed way too close to our heads and hearts.
  • I’m so glad the oil gusher in the Gulf has stopped.  Oh, it hasn’t?  I see. We and the news media have just grown bored with it.
  • Those Brazilians can really play futbol. Their athleticism is unmatched, but it’s their creativity of play that amazes me. Check out this quick pass (:45 mark) from star Kaka (#10) in yesterdays 3-0 domination of Chile. Brazil-Netherlands Friday should be a good one.
  • Fictional character Carrie Bradshaw aside, how many pairs of shoes do you really need?
  • Other than the military-industrial corporations, who benefits from the quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan? Can we get out now? We’ve got our share of issues right here…
  • Thanks to amazing surgeon Shimul Shah, a Bard composite inguinal hernia mesh and the wonderful staff at UMass Medical Center in Worcester, Kyle has recovered nicely from the “avocado incident.”

I’m “out of the office” Wednesday through Monday for a long(er) 4th weekend, but with no concrete plans other than a graduation party on Saturday. I’ll try to write something interesting to make up for the sparse postings here lately.  I’ve been busy playing life catch-up.