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Burning Desire

No, this isn’t another girlfriend post, and yesterday someone told me no one in a relationship over 50 has a “girlfriend.” I see.

Anyway, this post is about some of the critical decisions I face on mornings at the local bagel shop. “Do you want the pumpkin spice?” That was the bagel accompaniment tossed my way this morning by Mary-Ellen. “No, I think I draw the line at fruit coffee,” except that’s not really true. I’ve been known to sample the Apple Strudel and Bananas Foster, so maybe I’m just anti-berry and anti-gourd coffee as the pumpkin and blueberry concoctions are definitely out. As we got talking, I mentioned what a great job it would be to sit around thinking up these coffee flavors and names (I’m thinking Marlboro flavor would rock for people who are trying to quit and always loved a nicotine rush with their first morning caffeine jolt.). Anyway she mentioned “Burning Desire” was a local favorite, apparently a java mix including almond and black cherry. I’d down that roast. One of my go to flavors is “Sinful Delight,” described thusly, “Take a trip to the islands with the tempting flavors of Jamaican Rum, buttery morsels of Macadamia Nut, and a splash sweet fragrant coconut.” Ahhhh, yeah. Plus, it’s sinful.

So where do you stand on flavored coffee? Do you draw the line at coffee itself, or do you indulge the product extensions of Juan Valdez? Oh, and a nice shot of Bailey’s in your Joe around the holidays? That counts.

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  1. Chris

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