A Facebook friend recently wrote, “Leo…you have been oddly silent on all things Political of late… you can’t be happy with our President…you must feel let down and misled…? No?”

Yes.  I do feel let down and misled. I’m dismayed at where my country is right now and I’m terrified at the future prospects of my children and grandchildren, but I’m not without hope.

I enthusiastically supported Barack Obama financially and rhetorically beginning way back in October of 2006, but the hope and change I voted for wilted against right wing buzz word lies like “death panels” to kill real healthcare reform and “another Washington bureaucracy” to neuter real controls on Wall Street thieves. So what’s changed? Well, the big Healthcare insurance companies are finding loopholes to slither through and the gluttons led by Goldman Saks will again reward themselves with bonus billions for their selfless contribution to economic growth and prosperity in the country during 2010.

The guy I voted for deserves a good piece of the blame. Most importantly, he tried to compromise with Republicans who were, and are, bent on destroying him, and don’t seem to care if the country goes down with him. That led to weak legislation when bold action was needed. In healthcare, he did not fight for a public option, which in my opinion would have created real competition for insurers to drive down costs. Of course it would be cynical for me to think this is because of all the campaign contributions Mr. Obama received from the industry as a Senator prior to his historic 2008 run. As for financial reform, that was pretty much dead when Wall Street insiders like Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers were named Obama’s key economic advisors.  Hey, with all the money pouring into all candidates coffers from Wall Street, a legislative solution to that particular national abscess is unlikely.

I used to love the online political debate, but changing life priorities and lost faith that either party really represents “we the people” has put me on the sidelines. Bickering back and forth in a cyber psycho chamber about whether Glenn Beck is a lunatic is a waste of my time and influences no positive change. I guess the whole thing has left me bitter and clinging to my puns.

One thing I haven’t lost faith in is the entrepreneurial creativity and passion of many in this country. I work with people every day that embody my faith that we’ll evolve and we’ll re-invent and we’ll find a way.