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Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

On a recent Saturday in our luxury box seats along the first base line at church, Joyce and I listened to a sermon about Advent. Father Tim said it was about “Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.” I thought, “there a blog there,” but it didn’t formulate until today.

“When are you going to come back to us? When are you going to let it go?” My questions were softened with love, but they tore open a six month wound that’s yet to even begin healing. I believe the resultant tears were cleansing and my arms protective of heart. I left with the hope my loved one will move on with the living to honor those past.

“Peace be with you.” This week someone very close to me has been robbed of it by another. It’s natural to react defensively when attacked, but often that’s just what the antagonist wants. My advice was to wish them a Merry Christmas and the hope they find peace this holiday season.

“Oh, please tell her I said ‘thank you.’” That was the joyous response of the mother of my children when she learned Joyce had baked her favorite Anise cookies. Just then Joyce got into the car and the two chatted and laughed at Gigi’s request that I NOT leave the cookies at her house without her supervision. She knew Kyle would leave no crumbs… Twenty minutes earlier, Joyce and I speaker-spoke with her ex about his new job and the joy that accompanied it. We’re thankful we can share joy across our extended families.

Um, yeah.

Tonight after picking up my little blond, we sang our way home. Once we got there, Maddy agreed to share it with all of you.

Merry Christmas

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  1. Mary

    Too precious..

    Merry Christmas! to you and yours Leo and may 2011 be nothing but fantabulous for you all.

    Cheers !

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