When my own children were young, I did my best to make sure they experienced some of the fun things in kid life like ice shows. We saw some good ones like “Little Mermaid on Ice” and “Wizard of Oz on Ice.” Still, I remember peering from our affordable seats down to the icy edge and wonder, “Who are those people? How can they afford those?

I know it doesn’t really matter. Through the dry ice fog of years, I think I can still remember July 27, 1967 when my Uncle Mitchell’s girlfriend (hot Italian brunette… I definitely remember that) took me to see the Monkees at the Boston Garden. We were about mid-arena in the balcony, and all I really recall is a blue bathed stage with human forms and girls screaming. I think I recognized a few chords of “I’m a Believer,” but not much else musically. It doesn’t matter. That is a permanently etched and beautiful memory. Hell, Kyle still talks about “Wizard” on ice.

My life has changed so much since those years of wanting. Monday is my daughter Megan’s 22nd birthday. I’m mesmerized watching what she’s become as a mother, as a professional with a dogged work ethic, but mostly as a person. Of course I think she’s smart and funny and breathtakingly beautiful, but it’s her huge, helping heart that stops me in amazement. She’s happy. Every parent’s wish come true.

Today she told me she’d like to take her Madison to “Toy Story 3 on Ice” for her birthday. I guess she remembers those shows warmly. After looking at Craigslist and seeing nothing on Stubhub, it occurred to me there might still be tickets on Ticketshyster. I went with “Best Available” for Sunday at noon.

LOGE12, row A…

That’s in the center of the rink in the first row.

I’m very lucky to not have to wish anymore. I have everyone I want.