While I await game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs Eastern Conference Final, I need to address a few items:

  • The Bruins are now messing with my Memorial Day Weekend Mojo. Joyce and I had planned to skip the Friday afternoon traffic and be sipping a cocktail by 9:30 or 10:00 at Liam Maguire’s… Now there’s this game 7 thing at 8:00… As I reminded her, there is no game 8.
  • I’m growing increasingly apathetic with politics in this country. The rhetoric is out of control on both sides. It seems the only time real issues are discussed, it’s in a back room deal where the leadership in both parties figure out how to funnel more money to corporations and the rich. Other than that, we’re treated to focus-group taglines like “Obamacare” and “Paul Ryan’s Medicare killing budget.” With all the playoff action lately, I’ve avoided the political sideshow and feel much better.
  • There’s one more France post in me, and the longer I wait, the more I’ll have to invent.
  • I just finished potential Republican presidential contender Jon Huntsman’s book, “Winners Never Cheat.” These days, I think nearly everyone could use a read on personal ethics, but the man’s credibility is slipping as he now flip-flops on his health care record while Governor of Utah. Jon, read your book.
  • I’m having a graduation party for Kyle soon and the list of attendees is getting interesting. If you didn’t get your invitation, let me know. Oh, and you will sing karaoke. “Be like Kyle.”
  • OK, back to the Bruins. I’m obsessed and clock watched all day yesterday waiting for game 6. Of course local talk radio has all the answers and if they had their way, winger Milan Lucic would have sat last night instead of drilling a goal and playing an overall strong game. No player has made me crazy more than defenseman Thomas Kaberle. He has killed his team on a few occasions. Still, I have this crazy idea that he will score a huge goal for his team before this Cup march is over. We’ll see beginning Friday precisely at 8:00PM.