The 7 mile Falmouth Road Race is six weeks from tomorrow, and today it took hard strides of mental toughness to get through 2. It’s a sloping mile out to Sandwich Road and some of the hills were daunting. Last night I advised a loved one to not look at their 35 year mountain of addiction, but instead at each step they’ll take to learn about it and eventually pass it by on their journey of sobriety.

Their journey… “It’s not the destination, but the journey,” is a cliche, but like any other, it is due to it’s simple truth. Only 500 yards into this mornings journey, jabbing bone pain visited my left hip. Attempting to walk off the ache, I dragged myself across 50 yards of doubt. Were my days of running over? Was the Falmouth RR a silly, unachievable pipe dream? Second gear reengaged and the run continued pain free. There were many points along the route that I wanted to quit, but as I looked down at the detailed unevenness and the cracked asphalt instead of the long, upward climbs, I replayed the advice given and heeded it myself.

Jay Farrar ran with me this morning. There are a few artists that always speak to me, and he’s up there on the list. He spoke this morning and I’ll speak it to my loved one later.

“After all this confusion is put aside
Finally gonna make it right.”

One day at a time.