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Eight isn’t Enough

I had the “pleasure” of watching the Republican debate last night. Here’s my one word review of each candidate:

Mitt: Shaky
Michelle: “Repeal”
Newt: Chameleon
Herm: Marginalized (bonus word: Maria!)
Ron: Invisible
Rick Santorum: angry
Jon: Obama
Rick Perry: Goodbye

The fact is, Barack Obama will beat any one of them in a debate forum or election. The Republicans need a candidate with a prayer (and I don’t mean those that pander to Christians). Last night as a massive storm lashed Alaska, Sarah Palin must have been thinking, “well, I can’t see Russia right now, but I can’t be any worse than these 8 clowns.”

I agree. She’s no worse than Rick Perry and should jump in the race ASAP.

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  1. Bagoonk

    Thanks for intrudocing a little rationality into this debate.

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