In honor of the cartoon my pal Phil posted today on Facebook, I’m going to try live blogging Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech. Here’s the cartoon:

OK, Dirty Harry was cool for an 82 year old man the GOP let ad lib in prime time just before their nominee was on stage. Good thing Mitt didn’t have to follow him.

10:33 Good move bringing Mitt in through the crowd. He seemed less stiff.
10:36 He accepts! Didn’t see that coming.
10:38 Can you imagine what’s on Mitt’s iPod?
10:39 OK, we get the building a business thing. I guess Mitt never drove to work.
10:40 Well Mitt, financial deregulation really threw a curve at the American Dream, didn’t it?
10:43 Mitt wanted President Obama to succeed? Huh. That’s different than all the Republicans in congress.
10:44 Wow! Someone snuck Mitt a Red Bull!
10:46 He’s the epitome of an arrogant American.
10:46 …and dad released 12 years of his taxes…
10:48 Mitt just gave props to god.
10:48 oh, now he’s pandering to women…
10:51 Ann’s job was more important… I’m sure, Mitt.
10:53 Mitt’s delivery is quite good tonight.
10:54 Now it’s time to trash the President…
10:55 Nice joke, Mitt!
10:57 Your success hurt many working class, people, Mitt.
10:59 I do believe Mitt is finding himself on this stage tonight.
11:00 I’m better off, Mitt.
11:02 what plan to raise taxes on small business, Mitt?
11:02 Ok, the $700B Medicare lie again…
11:04 It must be that “clean coal.”
11:04 Cut the deficit? You just mentioned a bunch of new spending.
11:05 Mitt, Obamacare is your plan, dude.
11:06 Another lie- Obama’s not raising anything on the middle class.
11:07 Good contrast… Stop ocean rising v. Helping families.
11:08 USA!!!
11:09 Yeah, Mitt! Fuck Putin. Let’s fight the Russians!
11:10 Does America have a black dude in the White House? Noooooooo!!!
11:12 Strong military again… That costs money, Mitt.
11:13 Did he just say “density” like George McFly?
11:15 He got real stiff at the end, and not in a good way.
11:15 And James Brown rolls in his grave…