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61* in ‘61

A guy I follow on LinkedIn and Instagram posted recently about “B2B marketers trying desperately to link 2020 (year) and 20/20 (vision) to help peddle their products…” Sure, it may be 20/20 hindsight by then, but I look forward to his “2020 Top 20” of simpleminded 2020 – 20/20 analogies toward the end of 2020.

Since it’s January 1, 2020 as I began to write this, let’s do a resolution post. I’m not a fan of them mostly since they don’t happen, but nonetheless…

I resolve to lose 61 pounds in 2020.

The awful truth on New Year’s Day 2020

Sure, it seems like a lot, but it’s only 5.083333333333333 LB’s a month. I’m pretty sure I can put that on in a weekend.  Hey, the odds (and the fans) were against Roger Maris in 1961, but on October 1st of that year, he belted home run #61. The baseball establishment then put a freakin’ asterisk next to it in the record books because he did it in a 162-game season when Yankee God, Babe Ruth swatted 60 in only 154 games.

So why go public?  Well, it’s not like people I know don’t know I’m fat.  Hell, I’ve been battling this since my mother traumatized me back in the 60’s in the “husky” pants section. And the last time I successfully lost tonnage was in a public contest at work, so I figure that if I don’t put it out there to my audience of 3 or 4 people, there’s even less chance of it happening because only I’ll know of my abject failure.

I could go on and on about this, but the new year is slipping away. I’ll update my progress or lack thereof here and share any insights I learn about what works for me and what doesn’t. Here’s a starter set:

  • Losing weight is about portion control – just eat less
  • Delicious and satisfying white carbs like pasta, rice, bread and sugar are your enemy
  • THINK about why you’re peering into the fridge before taking any action
  • Stress eating can be reduced by reducing stress in other ways – exercise, meditation

There’s my resolution. I wish you luck with yours.

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  1. Dave

    It’s almost Q2, get moving! And good luck.

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