Earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic I rejoined Facebook after about a year away. Like any undisciplined human, I just couldn’t not post about politics and at some point, realized…

Nobody cares what you think.

That got me thinking about why I post content like that:

  • I care about the world we’re creating today and leaving for younger and future generations tomorrow. (Note: It’s not going well.)
  • I’m virtue signaling about how “informed” and “morally right” I am on worldly issues.
  • I’m certain my DNA contains a few strands of troll. (2)

Which brings me to this oft-ignored blog and why it’s still here. From the start, it’s been aptly sub-titled, “A place to indulge my narcissism…” Contributions here have waned over the years, but I keep paying the annual hosting fees for an occasional story. Why? In a way, it’s like a dusty old journal that my 19-month old grandson may turn the pages on someday. He or his older sisters might care what I thought. This place has documented parts of my journey over the past 16 years and has been therapeutic.

Hey, it could be worse. In another time and place I might have been ranting to strangers on a street corner.