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  • Investments in water purification technology and alternative energy in China look very attractive. I’m not sure yet how to get in. Speaking of energy, it sickens me that in spite of one national politician after another pledging to “reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” there’s really been no significant government investment in alternative energy since 1973, when gas prices “shot” up to 50 cents per gallon…
  • If they ever do a movie about Queen front man Freddy Mercury, Johnny Depp would be a good choice.
  • Thinking about cliches: “Amazingly, Jim did get his hands on the snake…”
  • Some of my friends and fellow Red Sox fans have slipped into complacency. This week, one rabid fan suggested he doesn’t have much hope for the team this year, but that was OK because he would continue to bask in the glow of last year. Wait till Fall (or the next Yankee series). He’ll be out of his mind back into it.
  • There’s a nice editorial piece in the Boston Globe on the current state of thoroughbred racing on this Kentucky Derby Day. The piece expresses the hope that George Steinbrenner’s Bellamy Road is just that today, and can help ressurect the sport. If not, maybe Bellamy Road can pitch…
  • There’s nothing like being a winner on derby day.

  • My yard looks like what I image the grounds around Chernobyl look like these days.

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  1. Anonymous

    I became a Johnny Depp fan a long time ago, mainly after being mesmorized by “Ed Wood”. Good call on the casting suggestion, as I think the intensity of Freddy could only be pulled-off by an actor possibly even more intense. Loved the Derby pic!

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