A game 7 of a playoff series should include intensity as a characteristic. Tonight’s Indiana Pacer rout of the Boston Celtics didn’t have any. It was as heartless a playoff performance as I’ve ever seen by a green team.

Boston Globe Staff Photo by Jim Davis

The Celtics lost because a few undisciplined whiners didn’t allow them to play as a team. They continually forced bad shots off individual moves, while the Pacers moved the ball and got easy ones. It got so bad in the 4th quarter, TV color man, Tommy “Homer” Heinson got in a snit with play by play guy Mike Gorman after Gorman didn’t go along with Tommy’s assertion that Pacer Jermaine O’Neal “went after” Celtic Raef LaFrenz. Gorman then asked “Heinie” what he’d do now with the C’s down 21. Instead of doing his job, Heinson asked, “what would you do?” then remained silent. Just like his team.