Yesterday Megan, Kyle and I took my mom out for her favorite food: pizza. Yeah, she’s a cheap date. In fact, she’s so cheap she tried to order tap water in Billerica, MA. Not a good idea. I intervened and got her a Dasani. Hey, for all I know, illegal immigrants fill those by hand out of rubber hoses, but the veto made me feel better and was enough to give Mom the opportunity to tell me to watch how I spend my money. “You already got me flowers!” “Mom, it’s Mother’s Day. Have a Dasani.” Yeah, Mom says what’s on her mind. Always. The incredible thing is that if there were no flowers and no pizza, but just a phone call, she would be fine with it. She has been completely selfless in my life and continues that now in the lives of her grandchildren. She puts everyone else first.

I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Today Kyle went with his Mom after church, so I had some alone time. I wanted to visit the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, but it’s closed for installation through May 17th.

Instead, I headed to the local driving range to hone my incredible array of hooks and slices. After a successful hour consuming a large bucket starting with the pitching wedge and ending with the driver, I went to the gym to offset the other hefty consuming I do.