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“Oh, No, Not You Again.”

Back in the fall of 1981, Marty Gronberg, one of my college roomates read aloud from the Arizona Wildcat about the Rolling Stones touring and that the closest spot to us was at the University of Colorado in Boulder. “We’re there,” quickly piped up Phil Sheridan. Phil loved the Stones, but it would be over 20 years later when I fully realized Phil was a full-fledged band groupie. I recall thinking they were over even back then. I mean it was 3 years past “Some Girls,” in hindsight, the last gasp of a great band. The trip was great, taking us through Albuquerque during their annual International Balloon Fiesta.

Seeing the Stones for the first time was exhilarating, and the scene in Boulder included the imposing background of the Rocky Mountains. I saw the band later that summer in Tempe, AZ, a show that pulled out all the props and ended up becoming the film “Let’s Spend the Night Together.”

Sixteen years passed. I got married, had two children and got divorced before seeing two 1997 shows in Boston and Nashville, which came to be as a reunion of the 1981 U of A crew. Regrettably, Bill Wyman didn’t attend.

Now they’re baaaaaack, and to quote ex-Red Sox Mo Vaughn, “It ain’t about the money.” Mick quickly contradicted Charlie Watts’ assertion that this was the last Stones’ tour. Sir Mick suggested such a grand announcement would amount to “a trap” aimed at getting money from fans. There’s no need for that, right? With ticket prices ranging from a paltry $63 to $163 and $453 each, I think they’ve got the money thing covered.

So, I ask myself, “Self, why drop a buck sixty three x 2 when you get satisfaction by seeing Sloan at a club for $10 on June 16th?

You gotta move.

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  1. Anonymous

    Or Robbie Fulks at the Mercury Lounge on 6-1-05…..are you meeting me there? I am 90 percent certain I will be in NJ at the time and will be scheduled to go.

    Jim Hurley

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