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Tom Petty’s best song EVER…

A few months ago, ol’ pal Jeff turned me on to Grouper. Since then, our little group has expanded, contracted and imploded, but that’s another story. Anyway, my other buddy Dave (yeah, I have only 2), has a buddy Jim who’s in Dave’s Group-er. Get it? You with me? Actually, I’m streaming some of Jim’s music right now. The song description indicates it’s “Shaky Ground” by Uncle Tupelo, but what’s actually playing is “Take Me When You Go” by the Jayhawks. Grouper is kinda funky that way. I think Dave had an aneurism over Grouper earlier today, but I digress.

Dave having an aneurism… or singing.

A new Grouper feature is this thing called “Glog It.” It’s like a Grouper Blog… G-log. Get it? So I’m reading Jim’s glog and one entry says, “Tom Petty’s Best Song… Has to be this one.” Under it is an icon that says “Tom Petty Track 4.” I click on it and one note convinced me he was right on. From Petty’s first record, this song grabbed me by the throat back in college over a “Wild One,” but hearing the words again make me think of someone else.


  1. Anonymous

    Yep…Tom Petty’s best song…easy to play on the git-are too. Tough one for me to sing though.

    What a cool website!

  2. Barb


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