Frank Gorshin passed away this week. Mr. Gorshin played the Riddler in the original Batman TV series.

I remember well Wednesday January 12, 1966. ABC had really hyped their new show and this seven year old was fired up, although I must have been something else, as “fired up” had not yet made the lexicon.

My mother was letting me stay up for this “late” show and it was in COLOR! The show was incredible with computers, utility belts, secret bat caves, the batmobile and the Riddler. In later shows, I would experience Catwoman, an image that shaped my view of feminine magnetism that lingers to this day. (Note: Maybe I should open a Freudian wing of the blog…)

Twenty three years passed and the film version with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson hit the screens. Again, I was as fired up as that seven year old, the only difference being that I didn’t watch the movie in “feety pajamas” like in ’66. My wife had no interest in going, so I went alone. Just me, a popcorn and coke in the 7th row center. Life was good and the Tim Burton film blew me away. It’s funny, and maybe even ironic, but “Batman” remains one of Kyle’s favorite movies and he wasn’t even born when it was released.

The little bat around 1997…

Needless to say, we’ll be there when “Batman Begins” again on June 15th.