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Speaking of Mom…

She’s 65 today. Much of our family will head to her house to celebrate. Most of her four sisters and two brothers will be there, plus an assortment of cousins and their kids. My brother Kevin flew up from Philly. Mom and her siblings were orphaned by the time she was seven, and she’s become the central, stabilizing force that unifies the family.

People find strength in themselves through her. Many would benefit by emulating her. As a single mother of three boys, she worked incredibly hard with both a job and college, doggedly pursuing education as a path to a more fulfilling life. I remember during high school, she’d be at the kitchen table studying every night long after I’d gone to bed. When I graduated high school in 1976, Mom received her Nursing degree. All the while, she provided a good life for her three boys.

Those years were compelling evidence of the value education and hard work can bring. I’m incredibly proud of her, and thankful for the example she provided to me growing up. Oh, and I’m really thankful for that time she let me stay up to watch Batman… Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you.

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  1. Anonymous

    This reminded me of a single Dad I have come to know and admire over the last year. I know his children will grow to appreciate him in the same way. I just know it.

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