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Get off this…

Yeah, just turn your computer off and look into the eyes of someone you love. If that’s not an option, just go outside. Pick up a book and read. Go to a gallery or museum. Catch a matinee. Take a walk. Go swimming. Drive to that seafood place and have fried clams. Pick up the phone and call someone you can talk to. No, not IM chatting… Talking… Speaking… Conversing… It’s very refreshing, even if it requires you to engage in an actual human interaction… For me, it is quite ironic that my computer addiction problem is not to avoid human touch, but to feel it. I can’t tell you how many times a day I check this thing to see if email has arrived from an internet dating service. It’s pathetic. I should be out, doing things I like to do, or at least cruising the produce aisle. Maybe then the hand of fate can actually come into play.

Yesterday a good friend of mine called. We talked for an hour! What I heard was that he was spending so much time on the computer, it was adversely affecting his relationships. I wonder if all this wasted time is actual addiction to the computer, or avoidance of the people? Interacting with a computer rarely results in rejection or judgement cast in ones direction. We are in complete control. Unless of course Comcast goes out. Then complete and utter despair ensues.

While the computer has made many mundane chores simple, it has impeded our contact with each other. Paying bills is a good example. When I was a kid, my mom would send me down to the Greenwood Pharmacy to pay our phone bill. That trek included all sorts of dealings with friends, neighbors, dogs, and the young chick at the pharmacy. It was a social event. So many of those are now history because of the computer. I mean, what will the long-term social impact be of people not going to record stores? It can’t be good. And don’t even get me going on Crack(Black)berries…

Recently my mom called just to say hi and catch up. “What, you haven’t been reading my blog?” I’ve got to get off this thing, and I will… as soon as I check patheticloserlookingforlove.com one last time…


  1. Anonymous

    Interesting….I had similiar thoughts this morning. Good book to read if you haven’t already – ‘Plum Island’ by Nelson Demille. -M.

  2. Anonymous

    the wine shelving

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