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I keep a Word file creatively named “Blog Ideas.doc” where I keep interesting (to me) items for touting, flogging or just rambling. It’s now up to 15 pages, and like a garden in the heat of summer, it’s badly in need of weeding. So while I search for a last-minute vacation house on Martha’s Vineyard, here they are… the weeds of my mind.

  • I know that upon their election, President Bush and Vice President Cheney had to place all of their investments into a “blind trust” in order to avoid any conflict of interest. I’m guessing their oil saturated holdings are doing pretty well under their watch.
  • The music industry has been whining for some time about “illegal” downloading being the primary cause of their declining sales. The Economist has a different take: “Perhaps the decline in global sales is indicative of a far greater problem for the music industry— consumers simply think that many of its products are just not worth paying for.”
  • Ever since that fake commencement speech attributed to Kurt Vonnegut a couple years ago, I’m wary of them, but this year, the speeches by Steve Jobs and Senator Barack Obama (IL) are worth a read.
  • I lust for an HDTV, but maybe I should wait for HD3d. Companies working on the technology include Deep Light, Dynamic Digital Depth and Real D. Until then, I like the flat-panel LCD’s by and LG, but I’m leaning toward the Dell 42” Plasma. At this point plasma delivers more value in the flat-panel category.
  • A friend recently touched my heart with this: “A young woman seeks acceptance more than anything; the person she is turning from is the open heart she seeks.”
  • This is true: “All you need to write a book these days is a computer and an enormous ego. The ego is the key, as it must be able to withstand the punishment of hundreds of hours spent alone working on something that no one in the world cares about except the person who is taking the time to make it exist.” – LEAH McLaren, writing in Toronto’s Globe and Mail…


  1. Anonymous

    Beware of Plasma, because it has a built in problem called “burn in” where a latent image will appear on screen. This happens when you have not a video, but type on the screen for as little as 20 minutes. If you left a video game on the title screen, this could easily happen.

    El Greco

  2. fifteenkey

    El! What’s up? My research indicates burn-in is not a major problem. CNET.com reports, “the danger of burn-in has been greatly exaggerated, and people with normal viewing habits have nothing to worry about. The potential for burn-in is greatest during the first 100 or so hours of use, during which time you should keep contrast rather low (less than 50 percent) and avoid showing static images or letterbox bars on the screen for hours at a time. After this initial phase, plasma should be as durable as any television technology. Many panels also have burn-in-reduction features, such as screensavers and pixel orbiting, or settings to treat burn-in once it occurs, such as causing the screen to go all-white.”

    Thanks for the tip though.

  3. Anonymous

    Weeding suits you.

  4. Anonymous

    i will say that your research is good…but there is potential for burn in and you need to take some care……if you run straight video without the letterboxes, you are in great shape.

    El Greco

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